3 Incredible Things That Happened When I Protective Styled with Crochet Braids for 6 Months

If you’ve been reading my posts you know that I’m a huge fan of crochet braids and any crochet style in general. I’m such a fan that I’ve been getting crochet styles since August 2017! For some that’s a long time to be without loose hair, but with my busy life, I needed a style that is pretty much get up and go. I don’t really have the time or energy to style my hair every morning — especially since my son started school — and crochet hair gives me the chance to feel and look great, while saving a lot of time. This is the longest I’ve kept in any protective style and my hair has thanked me in several ways.

Less Seborrheic Dermatitis Flare Ups

You are probably tired of hearing me talk about this topic, but if you have this same scalp issue, you may be intrigued. I’ve noticed that over time I have less seborrheic dermatitis flare ups. Even with the proper scalp treatments while my hair is loose, my scalp hasn’t been this clear. This is leading me to believe that the styling products I use on my natural hair may contribute to flare ups. Since putting my crochet style in, I’ve been focusing on my scalp and less on my actual hair – only applying medication and natural oils to my scalp every few days. In the future, I’m going to steer clear of putting products too close to my scalp, even after I get my sister locs.

My Hair is Noticeably Thicker

I didn’t think this was actually possible, but my hair is thicker! My hair isn’t thin by any means, but I’ve noticed a difference in the thickness of my hair, even towards the ends. Before each crochet install, I made sure to dust my ends and coat them with shea butter since your ends can get a little ratty when in protective styles (at least mine do). I also deep condition and do a hot oil treatment over night before my install. Additionally, instead of my usual blow dry, I detangled my hair and let it air dry in large twists. After drying I easily combed through each twist in preparation for my crochet style. I believe this regimen in between styles has contributed to an increase in thickness. Or maybe I was losing some hair all along and the protective style helped with replacing the strands? Either way, I’m diggin’ the results.

Hair Growth is Poppin’

I know this is probably a given for most, but for me, hair growth isn’t very noticeable after a month or two while my hair is loose. I need solid proof that follicles are stimulated and length is being retained. While in my crochet style, I’ve noticed an abundance of new growth. As I said, I haven’t been blow drying my hair lately, just air drying, and I can tell that my hair has grown a lot by where it hits on my shoulders. I’ve never struggled with hair growth in the past, but it’s always nice to have a little extra! My hair is not only getting larger (I have real afro hair and this is how I determine growth), but it’s also starting to grow down. I’m not used to my hair growing down and I’m almost certain it’s because my hair has quite a bit of growth.

I’m a twist out gal whose hair can stand the blow dryer, but my latest protective style has shown me that everyone’s mane can stand a long break from time to time. This is the longest I’ve worn a protective style and until I get my sister locs I will be making a habit of giving my hair long breaks. This break has me re-thinking my hair regimen and I’m going to be switching up a few products in the future. I’ll be spending more time on my scalp and less time on my hair. Sometimes you don’t realize what your hair needs until you simply leave it alone.

How do you give your natural hair a break? What benefits have you noticed?