60+ April Social Media Ideas (+ Canva Templates)

If you’re looking for creative April social media ideas for 2021 then you’ve found it. This post is packed with Social Media Holidays for April, with plenty of social media ideas for images, videos, GIFs and more for you – including Canva Templates!


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If your content calendar is in a bit of a slump then this post will help you to find April social media ideas for video, GIFs, images and more in 2021.  We’ve rounded up national, international, popular and weird and wacky days of celebration. There are literally 60+ ideas. Dozens of ways to get creative with your content.

We’ve also included daily, weekly and monthly April social media ideas to suit however you like to run your content.  And, as always, we’ve listed tools and ideas you can return to at any time for later reference!

What’s Included with Our April Social Media Ideas?

Loads of resources! We’ve included the following in this post full of April Social Media Ideas for 2021:

  • a handy quick-reference guide to social media holidays for April.  We’ve added the main holidays to a handy infographic! Please feel free to share this with your friends so they can find their way back to this article! 
  • an overview of April social media ideas – including how you can create and share them. We have focused on ideas for social video but you can also use them for any type of static images too!
  • a list of tools and resources that can help you with your April social media ideas for content creation! 

Hot Tips for Prepping Your April Content Ahead of Time (in a Snap!)

It can be tough to create content month after month. It takes time! If you schedule ahead and follow these simple tips, it’s soooo much easier. 

In fact, if you follow a few key strategies we’ve outlined below you’ll have a month’s worth of content created and scheduled out, ready to go. And the best part is that it doesn’t have to take hours and hours! 

Here are my tips for doing that, especially when it comes to creating video:

  1. Use a template. There are plenty of templates available on the tools I’ve recommended below. Use one of them and use it to guide you. Why spend ages creating a cool design, when you are not a designer? Instead, use a design that a designer has already signed off on, and edit the template. Edit just the text or photo or colors. Don’t go too crazy as then you run the risk for ruining the design (sorry, but it’s true and that goes for me too!). 
  2. Create in batches. If you are going to get into a creative space that results in you creating one social video (this applies to images too), why not create two videos? or three videos? or 10-20 images? It’s much easier to create a bunch of videos in one sitting than to do them all at separate times. You have the tools open and ready to go. Keep going and do another one!
  3. Create some short videos for social media posts – We’re talking short videos of 15-30 seconds vs long-form content. If you’re looking for more advice about how to create effective 15–second videos, check out this blog post.
  4. Create content that’s easily consumed. This includes quotes, tips or observational humour. All of these are great for engagement, especially on Facebook where people scroll through content at a rapid pace.
  5. Create GIFs to add personality to your posts. Whether creating your own GIFs (I’ve added tips below) or posting one of the millions of GIFs in the Giphy library, adding a GIF to your posts brings a lot of character and humor. You can also add them into emails or blog posts!

Handy 20201 Infographic for April Social Ideas & Holidays

Heres a quick reference guide for you – that highlights the most important April Social Media Holidays in 2021. Share it or save it to Pinterest for later reference:

Save to Pinterest for later.

Want to see the full 2021 Social Media Holiday Infographic? Click here.

Tips for using our April Social Media Ideas

  1. Create a social video about the holiday in questionYou can do a Top 5 list, create a how-to video, show behind the scenes of your business (related to the holiday in question), make a tutorial, or a simple quote video. It’s time to get creative! Is it Earth Day? Do a video about Climate Change or preservation of our environment, or maybe a local event that looks after Mother Earth. Use a video tool like Wave to help you.
  2. Create a fun GIF that reflects the holiday in question.  Or share a GIF, direct from Giphy
  3. Create an image-based around the holiday – a quote, meme, saying, tip, or photo that reflects the celebration day or image with text overlay.

We’ve also included more tools and tips at the end of the post for creating April content. Let’s dive in!

We’ve included at least one event for every day in our April list of social media ideas and holidays for 2021. There’s also hashtags, tools, tips and resources for creating visual content throughout the year. This post will be updated annually to check dates, and we’ll add content as we find or create it. So keep these posts bookmarked to refer back to! 

1. April Fools Day -Watch out for hoaxes and pranksters today – or maybe have some fun with your audience. #AprilFoolsDay. Let’s face it, there’s not much we can come up with that can stack up against the reality of the past 12 months, right?

Use this template free with a Canva Pro account or get 45 days free on Canva Pro here.

It’s also National Burrito Day (1st Thursday in April, annually). It’s a great day to be taco ’bout burritos. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

And if you feel like baking, today is also National Sourdough Bread Day in the US. After all the lockdowns in 2020, a LOT of people started making their own sourdough starters and baking bread, so 2021 should be a big year for this day!

2. International Children’s Book Day – Held on Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday, the 2nd April, a day of celebration around children’s literature and the love of reading. Find out more hereMaybe share a quote by Hans Christian Andersen or one of your favourite authors!

It’s also World Autism Day  – As a former Speech-Language Therapist, I support anything that celebrates and support the amazing humans in our world who have autism.  World Autism Awareness Day is held on the 3rd April. Use the hashtag #WAAD or #WorldAutismDay and find out more here

And of course, this year Good Friday fall son the 2nd April. Happy Easter!

Need an Easter template? Try this one:

Use my template free with a Canva Pro account or get 45 days free on Canva Pro here.

3. National Chocolate Mousse Day – use #ChocolateMousseDay. Yum!

It’s also Find a Rainbow Day #FindARainbowDay and Easter Saturday. It’s also Pillow Fight Day, should you feel so inclined. #PillowFightDay.

4. Maya Angelou’s Birthday – There’s no better day to share a well-loved Maya Angelou Quote than today. We all loved her grace and her wisdom and she continues to inspire daily all over the internet. #MayaAngelo

Create a quote image to share on social media. Maya has plenty of quotes to choose from:

Use my template free with a Canva Pro account or get 45 days free on Canva Pro here.

And it’s Easter Sunday – enjoy the chocolate and hot cross buns!

Maybe share a fun engagement post like this one – how do you eat your chocolate bunny?

Use my template free with a Canva Pro account or get 45 days free on Canva Pro here.

5. Go For Broke Day – Today is a day for taking risks and facing your fears! #GoForBrokeDay.

The 5th of April is also Caramel Day, so go for broke and face your fears while eating something caramel-icious. Or while eating Deep Dish Pizza. It’s Deep Dish Pizza Day too.

Thanks to Pizzeria Uno’s founder Ike Sewell who created the Deep Dish in Chicago in 1943.

6. National Siamese Cat Day – As someone who grew up with a succession of character-filled, cheeky and loud Siamese Cats in the house, I’m a fan of celebrating these unique felines! #SiameseCat

Today is also world Caramel Popcorn Day and National Tartan Day (celebrated in the US and Canada mainly but I am sure the Scots would be happy to celebrate tartan on any day).

7. World Health Day – The World Health Organisations official day to celebrate and promote health around the world and ensuring that everyone can obtain the health care they need, wherever they live. Find out more here.

It’s also National Beer Day. Bottoms up! (United States) and National Walking Day (1st Wednesday in April, annually), so get your walking shoes out! #NationalWalkingDay.

8. International Feng Shui Awareness Day – A day to celebrate the ancient art and philosophy of Feng Shui, developed over 3,000 years ago in China. The definition if Merriam Webter’s dictionary is “a Chinese system for positioning a building and the objects within a building in a way that is thought to agree with spiritual forces and to bring health and happiness”. #FengShui

9. Unicorn Day –  A special Unicorn deserves a special day. Have fun with this one – whether it’s talking about “Unicorn” businesses to fantastical creatures. #UnicornDay.

Use my template free with a Canva Pro account or get 45 days free on Canva Pro here.

And if you’re looking for an excuse to post a powerful quote, it’s also Winston Churchill Day.

10. National Siblings Day – a day to celebrate all things siblings. #NationalSiblingsDay

It’s also Encourage a Young Writer Day if you have some content around writing and literature to share as part of your April Social Media Ideas.

11. It’s National Pet Day – A day to celebrate all things pets! (US-based holiday) #NationalPetDay

12. International Day of Human Space Flight  – today is all about the wonder of space flight around the world. #InternationalDayOfHumanSpaceFlight 

By the way, NASA have a Giphy Channel. Check out their GIF Stickers here – you can search for them via Instagram Stories (use #NASA and/or #Space). Share GIFs of everything from the sun to a Mars Landscape!

It’s also National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. Don’t get me started on the benefits of melted cheese.

13. Scrabble Day – Word masters, grab your boards (or tiles) and create scrabble-related content. #Scrabble #ScrabbleDay. Have some fun with this template:

Use my template free with a Canva Pro account or get 45 days free on Canva Pro here.

14. Dolphin Day – a day to celebrate as well as protect dolphins. #DolphinDay is celebrated around the world as an unofficial holiday around our human-like friends of the sea. 

It’s also National Pecan Day. Break out the nuts… and the nut puns!

Speaking of puns, if you want to continue with the fun, laughter, humor theme, then it’s also International Moment of Laughter Day.

15. World Art Day – Today is #WorldArtDay – Find out more here Change up your phone wallpaper with this inspiring reminder to create something every day:

It’s also National High Five Day (the 3rd Thursday in April). If it’s not covid-safe to high five, then substitute for fist-bumps (but I hope we can celebrate this day in all it’s high-five glory again in future years!). Go for it with a virtual high five on your socials, though!

High Five Day was started in 2002 at the University of Virginia when a group of students gave out high-fives all day long! #HighFiveDay.

16. Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day – It’s time to get casual at work with your PJs on! #PJDay and it’s also Save the Elephant Day.

17. Haiku Poetry Day – try your creativity out today with a Haiku poem or ask your audience to give it a shot.

18. Velociraptor Awareness Day – If you’re of the generation (like me) – ie the one that was terrified by velociraptors in the original Jurassic Park movie, then it pays to be aware and alert. A great day to talk about with your dinosaur obsessed fans. #VelociraptorAwarenessDay.

It’s also Piñata Day. Break out the candy!

19. National Garlic Day – #NationalGarlicDay. Discuss the love/hate relationship that many of us have with garlic, or maybe share a killer recipe with garlic.

20. Look-a-like-Day – a great day to talk about about twins, cloning, copycats, and all things look-a-like.

And if you work in a not-for-profit or any industry that relies on vounteers… today is the day to thank them. It’s Volunteer Recognition Day.

It’s also Chinese Language Day – recognised by the United Nations it seeks to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity as well as celebrating Chinese as one of the six official languages of the Organization.

21. It’s National Tea Day in the UK – celebrate with a cuppa

Use my template free with a Canva Pro account or get 45 days free on Canva Pro here.

22. Earth Day – Earth Day 2021 is on April 22nd. Find out more here. #EarthDay

Use this template to share the word about protecting mother Earth:

Use my template free with a Canva Pro account or get 45 days free on Canva Pro here.

Oh and it’s also Jelly Bean Day. Find out more here.

23. Talk Like Shakespeare Day – Yes, there’s a day for talking like Shakespeare.  Find out more here and here

It’s fitting that it is also World Book Day. World Book Day is annually on the day that Shakespeare died – so we had to include it as one of our April social media ideas.

Post an image sharing your love of books or ask your audience to share theirs!

Use my template free with Canva Pro account or get 45 days free on Canva Pro here.

24. New Kids on the Block Day #NewKidsOnTheBlockDay for all the fans out there!

And it’s World Meningitis Day for awareness around meningitis prevention and treatment. #WorldMeningitisDay.

It’s also National Go Birding Day in the US. A great day to celebrate our feathery friends or highlight the plight of endangered bird species. Celebrated on the last Saturday in April.

25. Anzac Day #AnzacDay – For Australian’s and New Zealanders, this is a special day on the annual calendar – ANZAC Day, a day of remembrance for the Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in any of our wars, conflicts, or peacekeeping operations.  Many Australians will attend a Dawn Service marketing the landing at Gallipoli in WWI.

It’s also World Penguin Day. Who doesn’t love Penguins?

And it’s National Telephone Day today. Fun Fact: while some experts predicted the landline to be obsolete by 2020, there are apparently still 931 million landlines around the world.

26. Pretzel Day – If you don’t know why I’m posting this video from Seinfeld here, then we probably can’t be friends {wink} But seriously, it’s likely that Pretzel Day will attract the inevitable pretzel comments. #Pretzel Day

Or share a template like this one:

Use my template free with Canva Pro account or get 45 days free on Canva Pro here.

27. Prime Ribs Day – Rib Lovers Unite! #primeribs #PrimeRibDay. Drool.

It’s also Tell a Story Day. Time to break out a yarn or share your favorite book! Or maybe ask your audience for their favorite book!

28. Pay it Forward Day – This day now attracts people from over 100 countries all taking time to show a little kindness in this world and pay it forward. Find out about it here.

It’s also Denim Day so break out your double denim today (apparently that’s now allowed in a fashion sense, anyway in 2021!).

It’s also World Stationery Day for those of you (like me) that love paper goods and office supplies! And it’s International Guide Dog Day (both of these holidays are held on the last Wednesday in April).

29. International Dance Day – Talk about all things dance today! #InternationalDanceDay

Whether it’s professional dancing through to dancing at your desk for a dance break, share some dance-love on your socials. This template can be modified for just about any purpose, but we thought it would be fun to do a dance version:

Use my template free with Canva Pro account or get 45 days free on Canva Pro here.

30. International Jazz Day – today is a day for celebrating all things Jazz. Find out more here and how to jazz up your events!

Dates postponed or usually held in April: Coachella (cancelled till 2022) and Boston Marathon (moved to 11 October, 2021).

Here’s a quick list of April week-long and month-long holidays to dive into to find week-long social media ideas:

  • Animal Cruelty Awareness Week – 3rd full week in April.
  • Alcohol Awareness Month
  • Poetry Month
  • Jazz Appreciation Month
  • International Guitar Month
  • Alcohol Awareness Month
  • Financial Literacy Month
  • National Garden Month
  • National Pet Month (UK)
  • Celebrate Diversity Month
  • Stress Awareness Month
  • National Humor Month
  • Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

And don’t forget these International “Years”:

  • international Year of Peace and Trust 2021
  • International Year of Fruits and Vegetables
  • International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development
  • International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour

Video and Animation Tools for Creating Video Content

Need some quick and easy tools for creating video? These will help you to convert your content ideas into videos and GIFs in no time at all!

1. Wave.video

Wave is my go-to video tool for creating easy social videos. I love using their template library (where most of the videos I create in these posts come from), their huge library of photo and video stock images and audio library.

I also love that you can easily add moveable text or stickers to your content. There are so many more features to Wave but you can check it out here or read my full review here.

2. Giphy

Giphy is THE best place to find GIFs online using their GIF library. Go their website and search on the hashtags you are looking for to find great GIFs. Get creative with your hashtag combinations and you’ll find all sorts of cool GIFs from creators and brands too.

I also have a branded Giphy Channel for Socially Sorted so some of the GIFs in these Content Calendar Posts are saved into my Giphy Channel for you to share.

Hot Tip: You can also search for GIFs from Giphy via Twitter, Instagram Stories and Facebook posts (including GIF stickers from brand channels like mine). If you search #SociallySorted you’ll find some of my GIFs or we will share the links in these posts too.

3. EzGif

EzGif is one of my favourite GIF Editing Tools. It makes it super easy to create GIFs from images, edit and a lot of different functions. You can also convert GIFs to MP4 format.

4. Easil

I use Easil to create most of my GIFs and I love it because I can not only animate text but I can animate images, filters, icons, graphics and more. It’s like a creative pic-n-mix!

Want more Social Media Content Calendar ideas?

Check out our complete 12-month calendar for 2021 in this post:

Over to You

Do you post on the fly or schedule your content out a few weeks ahead? What are your favourite April Social Media Holidays and have we missed any? Let me know in the comments!

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