How To Make Money Online When The World Is Shutdown

[Music] what's going on guys welcome back to the channel if you are doing subscriber I'm going to welcome you if you're a returning subscriber I'm going to welcome you back so what we're going to be doing in this video is we're going to be talking about how you can start your very own ATM business in 2020 alright now I want you guys to watch this entire video don't watch the six minute seventh don't watch these ten minutes of it you know however long I make this video I expect you guys to watch it because a lot of you have a lot of different questions about starting your own ATM business and this video is going to literally answer every single one of them okay so but before we do that do I wanna give you guys the first deep dive of 2020 in terms of the hmm University which is my flagship program where I take entrepreneurs from A to Z and I teach them exactly how to start their very own business just kind of scrolling through here you can see you're gonna get a very organized course I organized it the way that I would like to see it if I was a student and it's broken down into eight different modules each one covering different topics you can see all the different videos here live if you see me sprawling and highlighting the videos here and we're going to talk about finding the location how to get a bank I'm gonna provide you with all the legal contracts all the documents I'm gonna tell you where to buy the ATM what processors to use that you don't get scammed I'm gonna give you scripts of what to say to business owners what to save the business on it's not there and maybe it's just employee there I'm going to give you credit card training I have an additional bonus credit card course on there it's going to teach you how to use credit and how to use your credit cards or business credit cards just to say to actually start your ATM business all right on top of we're going to explain what vault cash is how much money to put into the ATM we're going to talk about ordering your ATM all the documentation or the background checks for the ATM Anil it pretty much anything you can think of it's going to be here in this program here when the most important things when you're starting your business a lot of you have questions about us actually opening up opening up your bank account okay so your bank account it's gonna be determines and whether or not you get it open it's going to be determined on how knowledgeable you are about the business so the way that's a pretty much set this course up I set it up for that by the time you're done with it you wouldn't know everything about the business inside and out because that's what's going to make or break your your you know your options in terms of what bank you can get into what bank is going to accept you because if they see that you don't know anything about what you're talking about they're not going to open up your account that's just the nature of this business all right so like I said this is the first deep dive as you can see you see me scrolling through all of the different modules here going to be completely transparent with you guys so if you're interested within that I'm gonna leave link in the comment section and I'm going to leave a link in the description as well definitely checking out a road we have a private mentorship group where I'm taking brand new guys that literally have never heard of the ATM business and one of my new guys right now has eight three ATMs right now okay and he don't started about a month ago right so what I do in the process that I teach works so if you guys are serious about it don't ask questions in the comments thinking that you're gonna get that you know you're gonna get the answer it's going to help you you need training you need guidance okay so without further ado let's jump into the video so I'm gonna pull this up alright so how to start an ATM business step-by-step so let's start with the basics what is an ATM is nice so this is the cheapest business that you can start in 2020 it's a business where you make money from customer transactions which is called surcharge and we'll get into that in just a second here and it's the only business where you don't pay until after attendee signs allows you guys that do e-commerce or live you guys that sell products on Amazon or something to that you guys already know that you had to pay a friend to actually go ahead and purchase primary training or bi maybe with drop shipping you still have to paint shop behind you still have the pink Facebook ads in this business you don't spend a dime until you have a contract signed with your location owner which solidifies legally a contract between you and them and you're going to know that you're guaranteed to make some money because you both sign that contract okay please just as where there's some technical things to really worry about because they'll do it for you there's some fun to know paint traffic like I mentioned crying you can't run pay trying to get you into the advertise your your your actual location where your ATM is that if you so choose it's completely up to you but you don't matter okay so how does it work so here's a breakdown so customers pay a fee which is known as a surcharge or a convenience fee to use your ATM and it can be anywhere from $2 to $4 now this fee is then deposited into your bank account plus the amount of money that was originally taken out so just to give you an example here if Bob takes on $20 from your ATM then physically get that $20 for their charge a $3 surcharge so $23 is going to be debited from their bank account because they can only take out $20 if they have 20 dollars in their bank account but they need to have at least $23 in that bank account because they're getting charged for the convenience of being able to withdraw $20 from your machine the money is going to already be in your machine you're going to use your own money I'm gonna take your own money and you're gonna put your own money inside of the machine the machine is going to distribute Bob 20 dollars and as long as Bob has 20 dollars in his bank account that $20 is going to come back to you plus the convenience fee and the convenience come from you know and having the convenience of being able to withdraw cash without physically going to their bank and pulling it out of their own account okay so hopefully that makes sense now a lot of you guys I'm sorry I say a lot of you guys don't know how banks work you guys don't know how ATMs work you should know because every single one of you use ATMs you guys know that you're not pulling the money from your actual bank account you're pulling the money from the physical ATM okay the physical ATM is what is giving you the cash that's the bank's cash whenever you're going to an ATM or a bank ATM or whoever the owner of the ATM you're withdrawing physical cash that is inside of that machine that machine has to be loaded with money okay so in the ATM business we are loading our money into this machine so so let's just say we have our ATM machine and just say we have a thousand dollars in it once that thousand dollars is going and there's no more cash in there we can no longer provide assistance to our customers so that's one aspect of the ATM business is that you do have to make sure that you can you know and be on time and provide good customer service and make sure that you are refilling the ATM as is low okay but again to go back over that example Bob takes out $20 physically from your ATM and you should charge a $3 surcharge for the convenience of using your $20 that he's taken out of your ATM now $23 is going to be taken out of their account and it's going to be deposited into your account everything 24 to 48 hours or however they decide to set it up okay but a lot of people are getting stuck on this so I want to make sure that you guys 100% understand how this works okay so this process happens dozens of times per thing so just imagine you know dozens and dozens of $23 transactions happening every single you know day every single day will ever know every single minute every single hour okay now obviously people can come and they can take out bigger amounts and I will deplete your ATM a little bit quicker but you can set the limit of how what you know what's the biggest bill that a person could take out you could say hey maybe you're only allowed to take up to $40 out or you you're only allowed to take up to $100 or $60 you got to be more exposed of 20 but as long as you set a limit then you're good to go okay and we're going to talk more about the ATMs and how this all works in just a second all right so how much money can I make is I know this is what a lot of people want to know a lot of people are hesitant I'm just saying to actually get into this because they don't know you know how much money there is there's a lot of people that tell you guys different things so I'm going to break it down here so let's be completely transparent so in the United States the average amount of transactions per month it's 200 to 300 okay so that is what you should be expecting with any ATM starting out if you get under that then that means that you probably want to move that HCM somewhere else okay so you do not going to be under 200 transactions if you can help it when you're first starting out it doesn't really matter so much I mean as long as you can get to at least 150 if you know it's going to be good training for you so that you know exactly how to run the business adequately so that when you do get those larger volume establishments you're going to be able to actually manage them more efficiently okay so there's a give you an example here of how this is going to work so you get a three dollar surcharge so multiply that by 200 transactions a month and that's six hundred dollars per month okay so when we're measuring how much money we're make we're measuring and the profit is going to be the surcharge now we talked about in the previous slide that if Bob takes out $20 from your ATM they get charged a fee of $23 okay and remember his bank is going to refund you the $20 that he took from your ATM and they're gonna also throw on top that surcharge fee which is three dollars so we count the three dollars as our profits and three dollars is our profit for this particular transaction now we're gonna get that $20 back but we're going to take that same $20 that the bank refunded back to us and we're gonna put that right back into our ATM okay so hopefully that makes sense so those is pretty much the circle of life we're recycling the money over and over so so Bob comes that he takes $20 out and he gets charged at $23 feet this bank is going to refund us that $20 and they're gonna give us another $3 for the convenience of him using our ATM so we're going to recycle that $20 and put it right back into the ATM so essentially we're always going to have our money come back to us and we're gonna make that's how we keep our ATM filled with money because we're going to keep getting that money deposited back into our accounts and then we're going to separate that from the surcharge which is three dollars but that is our profit and that is how we determine how much money we're actually making per month because the great thing about the ATM business is that we're not actually losing any money because all of the money that we put into the ATM comes right back to us with interest okay so this $3.00 here this is how we're going to measure our profit so again three dollars times 200 transaction that is 600 dollars per month now that is an average of what you should expect per month just starting out it could be a little bit less if you're on a hundred and fifty side but it really just depends on the where you're putting your ATM but you want to see at least five to six hundred dollars per month I am starting out so popular locations such as strip clubs dispensaries in certain hotels gas stations they're going to yield way more money okay so it's a give you an example what that might look like three dollars times 500 transactions that's $1,500 per month now that's more than most of you guys are making right now from your nine-to-five job and let's be completely honest okay a lot of guys are not making $1,500 a month especially you guys are straight out of college or if you're in college or if you have never been to college and because of that you're forced to take those $10 $11 an hour jobs okay so just imagine getting $1,500 a month on top of whatever your current income is or even just having this as your main income okay now like I say I personally you know I have a video that you guys probably have seen where I was selling one of my locations was just a gas station that was a very convenient location for me and it was making some decent money were making well over $1,500 a month and you know sometimes you get lucky sometimes you don't get lucky but at the very minimum you're running expect six oh it's gonna be five to six hundred dollars per month or more depending but do not expect and do not think that if someone comes to you and says hey you're gonna make $3,000 per ATM is it possible 100% especially at strip clubs and really popular nightclubs but don't expect that you're gonna put and then see them in a barber shop which is low a more lower volume establishment and think that you're going to make $3,000 a month okay and that's what I'm trying to explain all these to you guys now so that those of you who are only fans can make an informed decision or to whether or not you want to pursue this part of it okay now this is very very easy business but you have to have the numbers right in your head okay so again we're gonna go back over this one more time $3.00 is our surcharge times 200 transactions per month I have okay transaction from us that six guards come on average okay but again if you get into a popular locations expect to make 500 or more transactions per month which is gonna lead up to $1500 or more per month now with ten ATMs you're gonna be making more than the average American in either scenario okay because if you only making 600 dollars per month per ATM you get 10 of those bad boys that's about $5,000 a month something to that effect I believe ok that's almost a little bit over or just under $60,000 a year and you're not going to be doing anything during that with these ATMs except filling them occasionally and when you purchase an ATM you get what's called a back office and your back office you can pretty much see everything that's going on with your ATM so that means you can see all of the transactions you can see who's using your ATM you see how much money is any ATM and you get alerts whenever the ACM needs to get refilled so you're gonna get alerts every single time that your ATM needs to get refilled that's what's called your back office okay so that's how that works so it's very very easy just set things up you can check it from your phone check from your PC your laptop you know your tablet and you'll know what's going on and you're pretty much just chilling that home the entire time and you have freedom to travel and do things that you want to do because eventually you can start outsourcing and have someone else you can have a different company or you can have starting people that you trust can actually refill your ATM for you so you're pretty much making $60,000 a year and you're not working you're not I'm traveling your spend time with your family you're living your best life okay that is the purpose of the atl business now I will say that the ATM business it's a long-term game and it's not a short-term game but it's more stable than things like selling on Amazon where you can spend twenty thousand dollars upfront Vettori and then have to take a loss because no one buys it for Shopify where you have to spend you know ten thousand dollars on Facebook ads but no one buys your product okay these are all high risk high reward businesses the ACM business is a low-risk high-reward business okay but you have to be patient and it's a long-term game okay so well yeah either way go even if all you made was $600 per month per ATM you're still making more money than the average American the average American is when you're making about 50 40 $55,000 a year anyway and they're not seeing any of that money anyway because you know taxes and such so you're still making more money than the average American and if you're making $1,500 even if one of your ATMs is making $1,500 out of the ten you know you're killing it okay you're on your way to six figures so how do you start so here's what you will need so you need an LLC in the end ein is required and now it was stressed it it is required that you have an LLC or ein to open up a business bank account we're gonna talk about that in just a second I mean as they'll a Agreement which is a site location agreement and this is also absolutely necessary okay when you need a processor you need a service agreement you need marketing materials and an ATM distributed okay so you need your LLC in your EIN because you need to give the business bank account you have to have a business bank account because the bank's were 100% shut down your account if you are using your personal account because I had somebody try to spam me the other day of my Instagram themes you know I was talking about hey I saw this video that said that we don't need and that we'll see the start of our business a you know and that's partially true you don't know if you're not making any money you don't have to worry about starting an LLC but this business requires it so regardless of what YouTube video you watch the way the Despenser's works you need to have a business bank account set up so that you can so that the bank's know what's going on because a lot of banks do not want to work with ATM business owners because of money laundering issues okay so that's you know having the business banking college required by a lot of the processors and it's required by the banks to show that there's not anything sketchy going on and that's why you need to have that business bank account set up and you need the site location agreement and we're going to talk about the site location agreement pretty soon but again it's a contract between you and the business owner that you decide to work with and it's absolutely necessary okay you need this because when you're working with the processor they're gonna essentially provide you the Wi-Fi and the network so that your ATM can connect not only with the banks but with your customers is the business banker their bank accounts in general okay and they want to make sure that there's an agreement in place because if there's no agreement in place they're essentially just they don't know you know they need to essentially know and cover their own asses and make sure that you're not doing anything illegal and that you both are in agreement you in the business from that that you're both in agreement that you would want to work together okay so again you need that processor in the service agreement so I'm gonna make this this is this announcement to you guys your ATM distributor and your ATM processor are going to be two different you can get an ATM and processing from the same place but you don't have to so I can buy an ATM from a place like electronics and then I can get my processing done somewhere else now I wouldn't recommend a place like car trunks because they try to get you into a contract they will sucker you in by saying we'll give you a cheaper ATM but you had to sign a three to five year contract with us now you don't want to sign a contract when you're processing and this is a no expert tick right here you don't want to sign any contracts and the reason for that is because when as you grow you're gonna be a lot more interchange which is money that you make on the back end and there's money that you don't have to do anything to see it's essentially money that is negotiated and paid for the convenience of using the different networks and that all of that money goes to the processor so they will start cutting you checks for that small amount of interchange and it doesn't really matter when you're first starting out but as you've grown it to where I'm at now work in a well over 60 locations we start it starts to add up okay we start to see it but if I was assigned the contract and here's a three five-year contract in that contract they're going to limit me from being able to make more money than where I could be because they're gonna limit the amount of interchange that they essentially repaint and that's why you don't want to get into a relationship with it know a processor or distributor where they try to make you sign a contract it's better to just pay that full price for that hmm instead of taking that discount and then screwing yourself down the likes like I said the internal business is a very long-term game okay so hopefully that makes a little bit think a little bit more sense we're talking about a little bit more later and then we have our marketing materials and our ATM distribute like I said your ATM distributor it's just a place that you get to ATM it's not the place that programs the ATM they can do it well they will do it you got essentially fill out some documentation and they'll do it for you or they typically have a 24 hour service where you can call them and they'll say hey you know you know I want you to walk we do it it really takes no time at all and you don't have to mess with it it's not like a computer where you have to screw with it every single day you said it and forget it essentially okay that's how that works and in processing those guys are going to essentially allow you to use their network and that's what's going to give your customers access to you know the network so that they can put your archives ok that's how you get like if you just have an ATM but no processing then you're not going to be anything essentially the ATM is just a brick okay without the processing and just like I said your business bank account again very important you guys absolutely must understand that business bank account and you absolutely do need the site location agreement regardless of what people are trying to tell you okay so we'll be knowing moving on here to the SLA and what it is so let's just talk about what this is really quick ok so it's an agreement between your stove and the business owner that legally solidifies your partnership now listen there's notes about how long you stay there and how much if any companion owner among other things now you must have this or a processor would not work with you ok understand that you must have this will be just explained it they need to know that you guys are both on the same page and that they're not just you know willy-nilly just sitting you know network information over to a location that you're not actually working with there's a required document to help you receive that bank account also and when I say require is not required required but it's required in terms of showing proof that you you know have documentation in place because that's all part of the challenge you know it's just fair warning getting the business bank account it's the only hard part of this business everything else is easy you have to provide proper documentation to show the banks that you know what you're talking about and that you understand the process and you understanding legalities involved in it and that's why you know one of the things I walk my students through just like I said I just took a new guy started from nothing older gentlemen now you knew nothing about the ATM business and now you have three items right now just sign three new contracts okay so I know what I'm talking about I have a process in place that's going to help you guys you know jumpstart your ATM business career I gained that bank account because pretty much everything else falls into place like dominoes once you get that business banking come now this SLA typically where you would get this from as a lawyer you would have to have a lawyer a business lawyer draft this up now obviously you guys know how much lawyers cost they can be anywhere from five hundred to a thousand dollars but I actually provide this document that I had my lawyer draw up for me and then I personally use in my business and I'm gonna give that to you for free okay so I'm gonna leave a link in the description where you could just buy the spirit you can just buy the contract for me and it's really really cheap wait fifty percent off you know from when I actually pay from it or you can join and become a student and you get it for free that's part of the program okay so I'll leave those links in the description if you guys want to get the contract from me okay this is going to be a lot cheaper it's better than spending a thousand dollars from you know from a lawyer it could be more than thousand I just depends on which lawyer you go through okay okay so we're gonna talk about locations now cuz we didn't forget about it right so we got barber shops bars gas stations hair salons corner stores etc some places yield better results than others like we talked about strip clubs dispensaries etc and you would not order in a channel until after you have an SLA sign okay and that's the great thing about these businesses that you don't spend money only nexium until after you have a contract signs only that's why I say that contract is crucial is crucial because not only do you need to get processing but you don't want to do anything in your ACN business without having that guy sign and you can't just make one up because I've had multiple business on his demon some of my students as well they've had their big potential partner say hey I'm gonna have my lawyer look over this site location agreement okay and the lawyer came back and said everything looks legit okay because you know I've actually already dished out $2,000 to get this right location agreement paid for so I'm giving it to you and I'm gonna help you edit it for your own business because if you try to draw some crazy stuff up that lawyer if they you know if they have the lawyer look over it for the guy who do you think we're gonna you're gonna run into a problem where they're going to try and make their own contract and you're not going to even understand what's being said in and then you know now you have to pay your own lawyer to look over it and I was a big mess so you might as well work with me so that I can explain to you what exactly is in this contract and help you edit it to fit your business so that you know what's going on and then their lawyers will explain to them what's going on if they so choose okay but again like I said it's important that we have this because we don't want to order an ATM we don't want to spend fifteen hundred twenty-five hundred dollars on an ATM until we know that we have a site location agreement in place because if we were to jump the gun and just order in ATM they could you know legally throw the ATM out in the street and there's nothing we could do about it but if we have that site location agreement that protects myself and it protects them from either one of us getting scammed okay now you can give the owner a portion of the earnings usually no more than fifteen percent okay now a lot of people and in that I also preach this too that she it's nothing wrong with giving them a percentage of their earnings now because a lot of people were asked themselves okay well why would the business owner once and they see them in their business and there's a lot of haters they aren't gonna say oh well cash is still king but it's not because if it was ATMs would be obsolete and they're not okay and they're smart people know that people still use ATMs every day okay there's more people know this but you know the less fortunate people they don't know this they think that oh because I use cash all the time or I use cards all the time and that means people won't use ATMs but it's because people use these cards at the ATM business it's so lucrative because whenever you use your debit or credit card the business owners are getting hit with thousands of thousands of dollars of fees so they're losing money every time you use a debit or credit card because they're paying a convenience fee for using those those machines those credit card machines okay they're paying anywhere from two to ten percent on every transaction so they're paying tax on top of tax on top of tack on top of tax whenever you use your credit or debit cards that's just how it works okay that's how the game is played with these you know with these card companies so by having an ATM in their business not only are they increasing the amount of people that are coming in there because if you're going to get your haircut you have to pay with cash so I'm not gonna be there smart-mouth guy in the comments remember that olive oil my guy cuts hair and he that's been used my credit card well he's probably not that good of a barber there's every good barber that I know they they won't cash okay so you know if you have an ATM somewhere and people need cash for various reasons they will go and keep that location where your ATM is that in mind and that means they're gonna be a potential new customer ATMs this is a fact that you can look up ATMs raise new customer rates by about 30% and probably what 20 probably worth between 20 and 40 percent of people that take money out of the ATM are gonna spend that money in the store they might take out $60 and like to know I bought some you know buy some food here by about some whatever and then people will know whatever people need an ATM they're gonna keep your location in mind okay and those are some of the reasons why a business owner but one it needs you because they don't know anything about the ATM business they think in their minds that you guys some of you guys might feel the same way that's only the banks on ATMs and it costs tens of thousands of dollars for them to rent a bet you know an ATM from a bank just to give you an example Walmart has a contract right now where I'm from with US banks so they have US bank ATMs but essentially US Bank has an entire branch inside of the Walmart but now they pay Walmart to be there but they also one Mart has to split the difference between you know whenever there's a transaction going on between them you know whenever our customer uses a transaction or makes a withdraw from that atm okay and well you can bet your ass that Walmart had to pay a lot of money and go through a lot of legal paperwork just to get that that partnership okay now a regular business owner is not going to get that type of partnership with a big name brand brain so this is one of some of some of the reasons just to get your brain turning here this is some of the reasons why a business owner would be happy and lucky to actually have an ATM in their business because they're going to increase their business they're gonna save more money on credit card fees for using those cards that you guys so love to use and again people are always looking for ATMs and if you were one of the only ATMs in the vicinity or if you are very very close to even if you're next to a barber shop got HCM is going to see a lot of action okay so location is everything in this business but you know pretty much everywhere as long as you are choosing the right place it's going to be profitable okay regardless because my students wouldn't be profitable right now if cash was still okay okay now just want to sweeten the pot you can always offer the business owner a potential or a certain amount of the money so I usually say about fifteen percent no less than fifty me no more than fifty percent so you can get them a quarter to give them ten cents per transaction or whatever and then you can pay them however you want to pay them for sometimes a business owner might want to be on the table you know you can pay them cash paper whatever you do just make sure you have documentation that should be okay so we're gonna explain the timeline because this is the order that you need to follow the very first thing to do get your LLC all right in your EIN okay so I showed you guys inside of the ATM from University how to get your LLC cheap and how to get your EIN for free so instead of it could because otherwise you're going to pay up to two hundred dollars for both of those things when you can just get the ein free and then pay like $60 for the LLC so I show you all that stuff inside of the university okay so the next thing you're going to do is get your business bank account that's important you're going to do that by providing the bank your LLC and E is documentation the next thing you're gonna do is you're gonna start scouting you're gonna start finding a profitable location we're going to look for places where a lot of people frequent you want to look for places where people actually use ATMs don't just think oh this is carwash that's going to be a good place because it's probably not okay so just think about places where you know people are and you see people using an ATM think about where you are using an ATM you know it could be a local corner store could be a great place okay so then once you find a location then you talk to the owner you know you explain to them the benefits of having an X again and then you get that site location agreements time now once that agreement is signed then you order your eggs once the 1820 must ATM is actually there then while you're waiting for the delivery I'm fine to a good processor that's not going to lock you into a contract and that's going to offer you all of your interchange on front okay so again interchange is not going to be that much and probably damn near non-existent when you're first starting out but as you grow you're gonna start seeing those extra you know extra profits okay that's gonna come from that interchange and then you just maintain the Machine you go into your back office and you're going to look and gonna say hey you know so with so location is a little bit low I'm gonna go there I'm a refill it okay it's really a no-brainer like I said once you get that bank account stand up you're good to go so here's a little bit there's a little bit of a cost analysis because I know somebody in the comments is going to complain that I didn't do it so I guess a LLC ein could be anywhere from $60 to $200 just depends it's like location agreements gonna mean one five hundred to one thousand dollars and there must be legal so you're gonna have to have a lawyer do it or you can purchase mine down below or you can actually just get the whole thing for free by becoming a student of the ATM frame University all right so the ATM it's gonna be $1,500 $2,500 just depends on where you get it from there's a lot of different companies obviously I give you guys my recommendation so who I use I'm for a new students okay insurance is optional because I know someone's gonna ask about that you do not need insurance and it's really irrelevant and it's really a waste of money but if you absolutely must know it's somebody five hundred dollars you know plus or minus per year okay marketing materials $100 $200 plus just depends on how far you want to take it you want to get fliers when they put out posters about there's a free ATM around you know you wouldn't have business cards when you know you will look legit we're talking to the banks and also when you go and you talk to you know business owners potentially get some do maybe get some branded logos on your under clothes you know it just makes you look more professional okay now the vault cash now forecasters would call up the money that you put into the Machine and that's gonna be 500 to 1,000 dollars it just depends on what you're comfortable with obviously the more money you put into the machine the less money you know the less time you're going to have to spend going back and forth from filling the machine okay typically you're going to refill the machine it could be every week it can be every two into just depends on how much money you actually feel that ATM up with okay so just keep that in mind so yeah I think that's about everything yeah that's everything guys so hopefully you guys enjoyed this video hopefully you guys learned something again if you interested and become the student of AFU the links gonna be in the description and it's going to be in the comments okay so again like I said definitely watch this video two times make sure you understand it make sure that this is something that you're interested in and if you are interested I would be happy to help you guys and take you guys from from zero to hero in the ATM business alright so we've got being said take care of guys and we'll see you in [Music]