How to Manage Influencer Marketing with GRIN CEO Brandon Brown | E1256

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00:00 Intro – Nikola, Robinhood & Brandon Brown from Grin
01:50 News – Trevor Milton indicted for fraud at Nikola
12:12 Pipe – Start trading your companies recurring revenue for cash now, free for 12 months at
13:23 Lessons for investors
18:55 Robinhood IPO today
24:10 Twilio – Get $500 in credits at Sign-up now at
25:43 Interview – Brandon Brown, CEO of GRIN
27:48 Why influencer marketing works
37:20 Embroker – Get an extra 10% insurance for your business at
39:00 What influencers earn with partnerships
43:13 How companies use GRIN
51:04 How brands run large scale creator programs
54:19 How advertising is evolving

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