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In the latest Classic Pop, our cover star is Boy George who is celebrating his 60th birthday by unveiling an impressive haul of 60 new songs. We catch up with the Culture Club icon for a must-read in-depth interview.

This issue, we also talk to R&B legends Jam & Lewis who are releasing their debut album as artists in their own right after four decades of producing hits for others.

Belinda Carlisle reflects on three solo albums that are currently getting the reissue treatment and Kim Wilde reveals all about her Top Of The Pops debut as she readies a career-spanning boxset.

Pet Shop Boys’ melancholic Behaviour is this issue’s Classic Album and 30 years on, we take a look back at the impact of Madonna’s ground-breaking documentary Truth Or Dare.

Prefab Sprout’s back catalogue goes under the microscope for our Album By Album feature and we also count down the 20 best foreign language songs of the 80s.

Elsewhere, Transvision Vamp’s under-appreciated third LP Little Magnets Versus The Bubble Of Babble gets some much-needed love and Wet Wet Wet tell us how new frontman Kevin Simm has given them fresh impetus as they look to the future with upcoming studio album, The Journey.

In our expanded reviews section we have new releases including Crowded House, Gary Kemp, Erasure and UB40 while our bumper reissues coverage features Scritti Politti, Bryan Ferry, Level 42, Yello, Donna Summer, The Psychedelic Furs and much more.

Steve Harnell
Editor, Classic Pop

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