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Here’s a fantastic way to occupy the kids and help develop those all important dexterity skills. This DIY magnetic fishing game is easy to make with just a handful of supplies, and a small number of patterns plus a big selection of colourful felts can provide you with plenty of fun sea creatures to catch and play with!

You Will Need:

Supplies you will need

For each sea creature, you’ll need to cut 2 pieces of each pattern. Fish 1 and fish 2 can be cut with just 1 silhouette piece and 1 body detail.

Step 1:

Magnetic fishing game tutorial step

To create the bait, attach the eyes to the right side of a top piece of a worm (by hand stitching them or with a glue gun). Now place a magnet in the head part of a back piece of a worm, and the cord in the centre of the body. Put the top piece of a worm on top and finish it with hand stitching all around, making sure you secure the cord with quite a few stitches.

Step 2:

Magnetic fishing game tutorial step

To create the fishing rod, fold the brown felt tightly around your pen and mark the stitch line at the bottom and on the side. Take the pen out and stitch along the marked lines, leaving the top edge open. Trim seam allowance close to the stitch. Now take the cord with a worm and put the free end inside the opening of the fishing rod. Hand stitch the opening, securing the cord with quite a few stitches.

Step 3:

Magnetic fishing game tutorial step

Attach the eyes and, where needed, mouth and stripes, to the top pieces of the fish. You can do it by hand or with a glue gun. You can also hand stitch the mouth on the octopus, or even other creatures.

Step 4:

Magnetic fishing game tutorial step

Start assembling the fish. Take the bottom piece, then a top piece and sandwich a washer in between them. Pin them together, if needed, and sew all around the edges of the creature. The most important thing is to enclose the washer inside, so you can sew all around the body and skip the tails and fins. For the octopus, it’s better to secure the legs with a zig-zag stitch. For the jellyfish, don’t forget to cut the ric rac and place it in between the top and bottom pieces of the body.

Step 5:

Magnetic fishing game tutorial step

Give the bottom layer of the mat the desired shape. You can leave it as it is, round the corners with scissors (like I did) or even give it any abstract wavy shape.

Step 6:

Magnetic fishing game tutorial step

Now prepare the top layer. You have the same options as with the bottom piece. I randomly cut out some half circles to give it a wavy look.

Step 7:

Magnetic fishing game tutorial step

Pin two pieces of the mat together and sew them on a machine.

Finished project

Your magnetic fishing game is ready! Who will catch the most sea creatures?

Finished game in use

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