Memorial Day, Summer, and Flying Machines

Memorial Day has passed. A time of reverance, remembrance and thanks. Gratitude to all who serve. Honor and Godspeed to those who sacrificed all.

Over the years of photographing, teaching and working with the military, I’ve made many friends and, as the banner picture suggests, had some interesting points of view with a camera. Whenever I have flown in stressful situations (read, blacked out at 9 g’s, puked my guts out, or been pulled through a min radius turn and had to reach backwards to pull my eyeballs back into their sockets) I always kind of recover and am thankful that while I was talking to the angels, the individual up front had the guts, training and physical wherewithal to keep flying the damn plane.

And my admiration doesn’t stop with the pilots. It extends to all the crews on the ground, who have the herculean task of keeping the birds aloft, maintaining them, and making sure they’re safe to fly. Definitely a team effort.

After a cold and quiet Memorial Day (At least around here. It was 51 degrees, and that’s the coldest to date since 1884.) looking up and out now at the summer months.

As COVID recedes, incrementally, and warm weather extends its reach, I find myself especially thankful. Thankful for all who have served, continue to serve, to all who work as a team. Military, medical, transport, delivery personnel. To those who grow our food, and get it on the shelves. To all who form common cause around a sense of common decency, and common courtesy. To all who powerfully understand we are in this together. Summer is here, let some sunshine in.

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