My Very First Colonic Experience

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Today I got my very first colonic, and welp- it was quite the wild ride. So wild, in fact, that I had to write a blog post about this ASAP. Let’s just jump right in on the topic, but prepared- some of this might get a little TMI. There is no way around it, we gotta really get down & dirty with the details. BUCKLE UP.


A colonic or colon hydrotherapy is when they flush your (5 foot long!!!) colon with warm water (up to 16 gallons!!!) to hydrate and irrigate out all the toxins. Your colon is where waste leaves the body, and that is not just food waste, it’s also waste from your blood steam. If the toxins don’t exit through the colon, they are absorbed back into the body, and while your body typically knows how to clean out toxins on it’s own- you may find yourself wanting some help & this is when the colonic enters the chat.

Now before I start with the supposed benefits of colonics, let me say- I am not a doctor. This is not medical advice. as ALWAYS, do your own research. There are medical professionals that are “fans” of colonics, and then of course- there are people that are not. I am sharing the benefits that I researched that helped me make my decision when it came to colonics, and I will also share a few of the risks that people talk about. CAPICHE?


+ it helps clear toxins from the body.

+ can help improve gut health: he gut plays a huge role in your overall health, immune system, mood (!!!), & nutrient absorption.

+ maintains regularity and prevents constipation.

+ boosts energy: not having to use energy to work hard to expel toxins allows it to be used elsewhere, hence a boost in overall energy.

+ helps with weight loss: your colon can hold up to 8 meals worth of food before digested, which is A LOT. Colon hydrotherapy helps to clear it out and kick start the metabolism.

+ clearer skin: when the toxins go back into your blood stream, they can often try to exit again through your skin (aka pimples!)

+ can help clear out negative energy in the body.


+ bacterial imbalances: you are flushing out the colon, and in the colon there is also good bacteria that will be expelled along with the bad. You need your good bacteria to help support detoxification and the immune system. When I got a colonic, I asked about this, and my practitioner actually does a probiotic infusion (enema) at the end to make sure you still have that good bacteria. It is also recommended to take a probiotic after your treatment.

+ stomach upset & dehydration post colonic. Colonics stir up toxins, and for some this can leave you with stomach issues following the procedure which can lead to dehydration. So far, I have zero nausea or any stomach issues!

+ infection, rectal and/or bowel tearing- these are more rare and the main reasons you need to do your research on who you are seeing. If they aren’t properly sterilizing the equipment or doing the procedure correctly, it could cause some serious issues.

+ quick note on constipation: while colonics can help clear up situational constipation, if you have chronic constipation- there is probably something else going on and you don’t want to become dependent on colonics to get things moving. If your constipation is constant, see a doctor instead of getting a colonic as your body should know how to clean out toxins on it’s own!!

MORAL OF THE STORY- don’t just see anyone, see someone who knows what they are doing and is well versed in colonics and do your research thoroughly!

Well, a few reasons actually.

First being, I like to try new things. I am always down to try something, and when a friend I trust implicitly said she has been doing them for a while now and it’s been nothing short of life changing for her, I was all in. Sign me up.

Secondly, I am getting married in 3 weeks and as I said above- I have a few more quarantine lbs to lose. Figured this could just be the boost I needed.

Next, energy!! I am all about energy both in how much energy I have as a human, and clearing negative energy from the body. Colonics can help clear out the bad energy you are holding in your body, and can help people’s mood and just give an overall feeling of “lightness”. This was super appealing to me.

Lastly, I heard that colonics can be really beneficial for people with autoimmune diseases & since I have Grave’s disease, I figured this could really help me. I won’t know till I get more labs done, but I am hopeful this could help calm down my thyroid function!

NOW- for the good stuff. Let’s discuss my colonic experience cause it really was quite interesting & different than anything I have ever done in my life.

I had to prep for the appointment by avoiding carbs and sugars, drinking a TON of water, and eating mainly fruits/veggies/green juices.

I went to Ciara at Living Water Wellness (if you’re in San Diego, mention my name for $50 off!), who was amazing, and she started my appointment with some full body lymphatic drainage using a special tool. When it was over, it was time for the colonic. She had me put on a gown, undress completely, and go to the bathroom to make sure everything was cleared out (bladder too!).

Next, I laid on a table sideways, she grabbed the tube, told me to take some deep breaths, and up it went. It didn’t hurt, but it wasn’t exactly comfortable. My best tip, try so hard to relax. Being stressed and “clenching” makes it much more difficult and uncomfortable.

Once it was in, it was fine, & then the water started… and wow.

I don’t know how to say this gracefully, but let’s just say, I was scared I was gonna go to the bathroom on her table. It feels like you have to go BAD. This is normal, but not the best feeling when you’re laying on a table and someone is there with you. My stomach was cramping slightly, bubbling up (the gas escaping), and it just felt… different from anything I have ever felt before. Not painful, but definitely not comfy.

She would turn the water on and then turn it off- when the water is on was when I felt the most discomfort (obviously) and then when she turned it off I would get a break… and that is when the “toxins” would leave through the tube and you could literally watch it happen. TBH- I closed my eyes. I didn’t want to see, and felt weird about someone else watching that!!! I am very private when it comes to bathroom business, so I felt pretty vulnerable in this moment, but Ciara made me feel super comfortable and encouraged me to take a look. I did take a few peeks & screamed every time and immediately shut my eyes again.

She would massage my stomach, to kinda help things along, and the whole thing lasted about 45 minutes. When we were done, she removed the tube, which was the most uncomfortable part of the whole thing for me (can’t explain, it was just a bizarre feeling), & then she sends you to the restroom to see if you have to “go”. I didn’t, which she said is fine, but she did say that the next few days I might have to “go” more than usual as things were loosened up during the colonic.

I was told that typically the first one gets rid of the least amount of toxins- she says the second one yields much higher results. Scared, might bring an eye mask, but excited (lol).

After my treatment, I sat in her infrared sauna for 30 minutes (bonus treatment to sweat out more toxins) and then went home. I felt fine, no nausea, no upset stomach, but I was SO TIRED. I ended up napping for a ridiculous amount of time & I read online that fatigue is normal and means the body is cleansing itself properly & that when you’re super tired after- it probably means you had a lot of toxins that needed to be removed.

All in all though, I feel good about it & plan to do two more before my wedding, and then will follow up monthly to keep things maintained!!