New Category: Drawings And Paintings In 360

Drawings and Paintings in 360 is a special tag / keyword for those panoramas and videos that have been drawn and painted: 360_drawing

All 360Cities contributors can upload panoramas and videos to the “Drawings and Paintings in 360” category. Be sure to add the keyword “360_drawing” to the metadata. You can add other related tags / keywords like “CGI”, “illustration”, “fx” that describe the content in order to increase the chances that your 360º photos and videos are discovered by visitors to the site.

You can search for drawings and paintings in 360 by typing “360_drawing” in the search box or by clicking here.

Below find a few examples of “Drawings And Paintings In 360”:

WonderOaks by Don McClane
360 drawing by mantas talmantas
GAJ Team Building in Panoramic 360°Sketch by rosspisvena
Bowood Lane, 360 painting by Jason Foster

The 360Cities Team