PE Value Drivers Series: Part 2 of A Non-Cookie Cutter Approach to Investment Analysis and Portfolio Growth

Part 2 of my interview with Seacoast Capital Principal and Chief Marketing Officer, Phil Curatilo.  You can view part 1 here.  A few takeaways:

  • Don’t take a cookie cutter approach to investment analysis or portfolio growth. Some portfolio companies have grown organically, without a single add on, others the opposite or a hybrid.
  • Evaluate and recommend according to each business’s strategies and operations.
  • A management team that’s not on board with an articulated plan of attack can prohibit growth and foster mistrust.
  • An over-leveraged balance sheet or too much debt can lead to trouble.  The management team needs room to implement their operating plans and take advantage of opportunities as they come along. 
  • Aligning with deep functional or industry expertise like Chief Outsiders has makes a lot of sense.
  • Post close, firms like Chief Outsiders on sales and marketing projects, technology implementations, executive search, etc. add value.

PE Value Drivers Phil Curatilo - Part 2


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