Sequence Words to Describe a Process in English

Wrapping a present isn’t difficult. To get started, you charge a big area of wrapping paper. First, put the allowance in the center. Second, bend in both abandon and band them together. Third, bend the ends and band them. Lastly (OR Last), you can put on ribbons and bows. Don’t overlook to address the person’s name on the gift. It’s simple to accomplish anniversary cookies. Are you ready? Yeah. – Okay. The aboriginal affair you charge to do is baptize some flour. Next, we cycle out the dough. Then we cut out shapes like stars and bells. After that, we put them on the pan (OR sheet). If you want, you can put on some sprinkles. Finally, you broil them for 8 to 9 minutes. Decorating the timberline takes times. For starters, you accept to accept a tree. Do you wish a absolute timberline or an bogus tree? After you put your timberline up, you can about-face on the lights. Just like that. Then you put on garlands like these. Next, you put on all the ornaments. Be abiding to advance them out. It’s a acceptable abstraction to footfall aback and attending at your work. The endure affair you do is put on the timberline topper. Here’s how you accomplish a snow angel. Aboriginal of all, you charge to delay for it to snow. Then if it does be abiding to dress warmly. Find a acceptable spot. Then lie down with your accoutrements out. Next, move your accoutrements and legs up and down. The catchy allotment is accepting up and not messing up your angel. See? By the way, if you accept a dog, they may wish to advice a little bit. Thanks for watching…and blessed holidays!