So Many Choices, So Little Time!

If you are like me, you have reviewed the courses page on the Learners Edge website too many times to count. You’ve gone back and forth trying to guess which course will best meet your needs. You’ve read the reviews and may have even asked a friend for a recommendation. You might be searching for a course to push your skills to the next level. Or…you might just be overwhelmed. But don’t close the courses page yet!  

I’ve got some grade level course recommendations for you. Choose the grade level that makes the most sense for you, check out the included course content, and read the linked course descriptions. Then, download the syllabus to discover more about the learning objectives, coursework, and activities.  

Course Recommendations for Early Childhood and PreK Teachers 

Course Recommendations for Elementary Teachers (K-4) 

Course Recommendations for Middle School Teachers (5-8) 

Course Recommendations for High School Teachers (9-12) 

Still not seeing what you need? Contact us for more specific course recommendations or check out our Personalized Learning Courses.

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