The WR-R11a & b

The WR-R11a connected to a D6 talkin to 2x SB-5000s

Technically are far as wireless operation is concerned, no difference between the original WR-R10 and the WR-R11 units. The new 11s connect to the bodies the same way, pair with the flashes the same, have the same range limits and unit limits. So then why are there new ones? I wondered that myself so got an WR-R11a in my hands to use. The first big thing you notice is that for the circular 10pin, it is no longer a two-part unit. It’s now a single unit with a hinge. It’s more robust, built better I guess you could say. The WR-R11b square 10pin (goes in like the Z bodies) is also much more robust. That’s it, that what the 11s bring to the game, great technology in a robust package.