Three Ways To: Fight Period Pimples 

If you’ve ever asked me for skincare advice — you know there’s one thing about me — I often hate when people ask me “What’s the one thing to…” get rid of or treat xyz? Ohhh, that question burns me up because there’s almost never just one way to achieve a desired skincare result. Based on your skin type, budget, access to products, time investment, product sensitivities, etc., there can be three, four or even five different options to help you achieve any given skincare goal.

In the series, “Three Ways To“, we will explore three product options to address common skincare concerns. And why “three”, you ask? (Nobody asked that!) I chose three because three feels sort of magical and manageable. I truly want you to achieve the best skin of your life – and three seems like a number you can handle. Today on “Three Ways To” I am addressing:

Three Ways To: Fight Period Pimples 

You’re preaching to the choir — I completely understand the annoyance you feel when you wake up with cramps, back pain AND period pimples. It’s like ‘enough already’. I get it! There are so many hormonal changes going on in our  bodies (before and during menstruating) that causes hormonal breakouts. And while hormonal changes are inevitable, the way in which we solve for and anticipate these changes can make a huge difference in how skin reacts and recovers.

These tried and true, masterfully formulated skincare concoctions are guaranteed to help you slay your next period and emerge sans battle scars!

Period pimples occur because of the hormonal shift in our bodies. And if you pay close attention, those pimples typically crop up a few days before Period Day 1. If “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready” was a mask, it’s this — Origins Out of Trouble: 10 Minute Mask To Rescue Problem Skin. The secret is to begin using it before your period starts. Slather a generous layer to areas where period pimples usually pull up. For me it’s the chin…alllllways the chin!

Origins Out of Trouble uses oil absorbing Zinc Oxide, bacteria-busting Sulfur and cooling Camphor to soak up dirt, oil and all the very bad things lingering on the surface waiting to wild out. So here’s what we’re doing: Mask a few days before your period, grab a glass of wine, a heating pad, turn on some Netflix and relax. You got this, girl!

Payot Paris My Period La Cure is the product I wish I was smart enough to have created. It’s the level of genius of me! The 9-part rebalancing serum system is designed to treat skin over the duration of the menstrual cycle. My first question — Why is this just launching in 2021? It makes so much sense.

The 9 day protocol has 3 serums to purify (with Chilean mint extract), 3 serums to soothe (with jasmine extract) and 3 serums to energize (with sweet orange extract) — with the first serum starting at Day 1 and the last serum completing on Day 9. Your period need not (and probably won’t) go 9 days, but the serums align to what’s going on inside your body. Even once your period is complete, the hormonal balancing on skin’s surface still needs to happen.

Priced at only $25, Payot Paris My Period La Cure is the level of self-care and grace your skin deserves.

Now let’s say you ignore all of the aforementioned advice and a pesky pimple breaches the surface. To repair skin from the effects of this unwelcome trespasser, you’ll need Hero Cosmetics Rescue Balm.  This powerful pimple punisher heals and soothes scaly, textured skin, which helps prevent dark marks or scarring from forming. Apply 2-3 times a day and those period pimples are handled!