Trying a local brand and an interesting new facial oil in the Root Remedies Black Seed Oil

I kept seeing Instagram ads for a local brand Roots Remedies, to the point that I was intrigued. I guess you could say that ads work eh?

What really intrigued me was the fact that Root Remedies is a local Malaysian brand, and they had beautiful, minimalist aesthetics, that is so in right now.

root remedies black seed oil

One day, while in Bangsar (when we could walk around and dine indoors even with restrictions), I chanced upon their store. Yep, they aren’t only sold online, but in a physical store too. It is a beautiful store, with a very minimalist look and feel and a very soothing place to be in (albeit a little warm from the sun).

After browsing a little, I decided to pick up an item or two to try. When I polled Instagram, I found reviews to be rather mixed on the brand so I thought it would be interesting to have a go myself. Their range of facial oils intrigued me (I love me a good facial oil!) so that’s what I went for – the Root Remedies Black Seed Oil.

Root Remedies Black Seed Oil – What is it?

Honestly, I picked up Black Seed Oil not for its advertised properties, which is supposed to be to prevent hyperpigmentation and slow down aging while contributing to radiant and glowing skin. I picked it up because I was curious about it.

Black Seed Oil, as it turns out, is oil extracted from the nigella sativa plant, and touted to have health benefits from helping with arthirits to diabetes and asthma. For skin, it is supposed to help fight inflammation and have antibacterial properties, to fight acne. Black Seed Oil is popular, apparently, in the Middle East and Africa, and is also known as black cumin seed oil.

root remedies black seed oil

Minimalist packaging

The packaging is very minimalist, which appeals to many these days. The oil is packaged in a brown glass bottle, with a dropper dispenser. The rubber dropper is quite tactile and picks up and controls product nicely. I like that in dropper packaging, as there is nothing worse than a leaky cap!

It is also worth noting that despite the length of time I’ve had this and have been using it, the bottle cap has not become grimy or sticky. The oil does not escape from the cap, which is another plus for packaging.

root remedies black seed oil

Viscous semi-heavy oil with an interesting smell

The golden coloured oil is very viscous with a semi-heavy feel on the skin. It isn’t too heavy or sticky like the Pai Biogenerate Rosehip Oil, but does need to be massaged into the skin for it to absorb.

My recommendation is to apply a few drops of the Root Remedies Black Seed Oil on damp skin, for best results. Damp skin, as I’ve often shared, helps oil absorb more easily into the skin without leaving a residue, and makes it more comfortable to use.

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If applied on dry skin, it does have a tendency to sit on top of the skin doing nothing. It can feel a little heavy and greasy as a result. When you apply it onto damp skin (mist your skin lightly with a facial mist), you will find that massaging the oil into the water droplets on your skin helps it lighten and sink right into your skin.

But what is most noticeable about the Root Remedies Black Seed Oil is the smell.

I have not smelled Black Seed Oil before, so I do not know if it does have a smell, or if it smells like this. It smells very ‘organic’, earthy and oily. A friend likened the smell to that of petrol, and you know, she’s right! LOL!

For this reason, I have to warn you that it may not be the most comfortable nor most appealing skincare product you’ll put on your face 😛

Skin feels moisturised and comfortable but…

I use it predominantly in my evening skincare routine. I sometimes use a few drops under a moisturiser, or on lazy nights, more product slathered all over.

I do find that as most facial oils do, it helps keep my skin feeling more moisturised. I am no stranger to using facial oils, and I like the oily feel of this one, so I’m comfortable with it. My skin feels happy the next morning, and it does feel sufficiently nourished.

However, I cannot vouch for it working to fight acne, for my maskne is still out of control 😛 I do not notice any help with my existing pigmentation problems either, which to be fair, I wasn’t expecting much anyway.

It is a nice oil. My skin takes well to it. It feels comfortable and my skin is happy.

But I do feel little joy in using it despite everything. Putting it head to head, I am more minded to repurchase the Pai Bioregenerate Rosehip Oil, than the Root Remedies Black Seed Oil. Nothing against this, just a personal preference.


The Root Remedies Black Seed Oil is pure facial oil extracted from the nigella sativa plant. It is supposed to help slow down aging, reduce hyperpigmentation and moisturise skin. I do find that it does moisturise skin well. My skin feels soft and supple after using, but I do not notice any results on my hyperpigmentation. As for aging, I’m aging, we all are so I’m not terribly fussed about it either, as long as my skin is healthy. I notice that it does not help reduce acne on my chin area either, which I attribute to wearing masks. There is a rather odd smell, likened to that of petrol, which can be rather off putting on some days. While it is an oil that is nice on skin, it brings me little joy to use.

Nice sturdy minimalist packaging
Viscous oil that absorbs easily on damp skin
Moisturises skin and keeps it feeling soft and supple

Odd smell
Little to no result on hyperpigmentation

WHO WILL LIKE THIS: Anyone who wants pure black seed oil in their skincare routine, Anyone who wants a facial oil you can purchase easily locally

PRICE: RM99 for 30ml

WHERE TO BUY: Root Remedies website

The ingredients list for the Root Remedies Black Seed Oil is simple

Ingredients: Nigella sativa (Black Seed) Oil

Root Remedies Damask Rose Face Mist

Incidentally, I also picked up a small bottle of the Root Remedies Damask Rose Face Mist to try. I am a sucker for face mists, what can I say! 😛

I knew what I was getting. They say that it is a high quality hydrosol extracted from organic Damask roses grown in Bulgaria, extracted using steam distillation process. This, they say, maintains a high concentration of aromatic compounds and active ingredients in the face mist, to hydrate, soothe and rejuvenate your skin.

root remedies damask rose face mist

Honestly, I can’t say it’s terribly impressive. It feels just like water (as most face mists do), with a hint of fresh rose scent. It feels nice when sprayed on the skin, but due to the high pricetag (RM80 for 60ml or RM129 for 120ml) I struggle to consider a repurchase, as I use facial mists very liberally.

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Truth to tell, I’m just as happy using the Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner, which is much more affordable, and for me, does the same thing. I can get 4 bottles of Sukin for the price of a full size Root Remedies Damask Rose Face Mist! Granted, it probably isn’t steam distilled hydrosol, but I don’t think my skin appreciates the difference, purely due to the way I use my products.

Have you tried the Root Remedies Black Seed Oil? Any other products from Root Remedies you recommend?

The other products I might be interested in is the Tamanu Oil and Sea Buckthorn Oil. I might try them one day, but I’ve been good and using up my skin care so it might take me a while haha!

Paris B