Ultimate Guide to LOFT Denim

This post was written in partnership with LOFT. All opinions and views are my own.

It’s official, my denim drawer really needs to expand to its own six drawer dresser at this point. I can’t get enough of all things denim. To me, each pair is so different. From the fit, the wash, the stretch, each one is unique from the next. And my preference changes for what I want to wear based on what I’m doing or where I’m going. Sometimes I want a pair with more stretch, versus ones with no stretch at all. Or I’m looking for a high rise versus a mid-rise based on the top I want to wear. So over the years, my collection has grown and so have the brands I’ve worn. One brand that’s been creeping into my drawer and is part of the reason why I need more space now, is LOFT. They’ve been my go-to brand for summer shorts (both denim and cotton) but now for fall, all things denim. With a wide variety of styles and fits for all body types, it was time for the ultimate guide to LOFT denim.

Ultimate Guide To LOFT Denim

Way back in the day when I worked at Nordstrom I used to only buy designer denim. Mostly because I got a discount, and well it was the early 2000s. It’s just simply what you did. But it’s 2021, and spending over $100 on denim is something I have not done in YEARS. There’s no need to. There’s fantastic denim out there that fits well, looks great, and holds up all for under $100. And one of those must-have brands for denim jeans that holds up to the best of the best in designer denim is LOFT. This brand always has great fitting and affordable pieces that don’t break the bank. The quality of the denim is just as good as all that designer denim I’ve owned for years. To help you find your best fit, here are all my favorite styles and tips for finding your perfect fit.

LOFT Denim Jean Styles & Fit

There are so many styles, silhouettes and washes to choose from at LOFT. From straight leg jeans, skinny, bootcut, demi-boot cut, cropped and flared. For me, I typically take a size 26 or 27, and usually leaning more into the 27. For shorts, I find myself sizing down to the 26 more often. For those of you with a smaller waist and larger hips, LOFT also offers a curvy fit in many of their styles. This is such a great way to get the perfect fit and not have the gaping in the back of your jeans. The size range at LOFT starts at 00 and goes up to size 18 and many come in regular, curvy, tall and petite.

Speaking of petites, I do own a couple of petite fits because I have very short legs. This is not super common for me, but if you have super short legs and a much longer torso like myself, you may want to consider a petite fit and size up one size. This should then fit more like your denim size in the waist, but bring the hem up a bit. In my closet, I’ve done this with their wide-leg crops. It just hits in a better place. So for those situations, I find a 27P is a good fit for me. If you’re finding things to be too long, consider a petite in one size up. You may just find a perfect fit!

Let’s also quickly chat about denim composition. Denim can come in a few fabric compositions. One particular composition you may find when shopping for denim is 100% cotton. These are going to be that stiff cotton denim that you have to break in, but once you do it’s molded to your body. Then there’s the more common composition of cotton and elastene combo. Basically a touch of stretch so it hugs your body and moves with it. This also tends to keep its shape better (the more elastene the better it keeps its shape). This is also just a preference. I find myself preferring about 2% elastene for a good fit that doesn’t get saggy on you. But this also means you want your denim to be snug-ish. Because it will give some as you wear it. So if they fit perfectly and feel amazing and you’ve got a bit of room, they’re likely too big. You’ll want to find a snug fit but not one that’s uncomfortable.

With all my denim, caring for them is just as important as finding the right fit. I always wash on cold, inside out when I remember, and hang dry. They’ll feel a bit stiff and weird when they hang dry, but once you put them on your body and walk around your house for a minute, they’ll soften right back up. If you find your jeans have stretched way too much, wash in warm water and dry on medium heat to help shrink up the cotton a bit. But for me, wash on cold, hang dry, is how I’ve always washed my denim after a few wears. And only wash every several washes. There is no need to wash our denim after each wear.

Now let’s get into the different silhouettes!

Demi Boot Cut or The Kick Crop

This is a style I came to love thanks to LOFT. I tried the dark and light wash and have been wearing them non-stop. If you’re not familiar with this new-ish silhouette, it’s basically a bootcut or flare that’s cropped. Sounds terrible, I know. But it’s really great and flattering. It’s fitted through the hip and thigh and then kicks out in a crop flare. It somehow balances out your hips and is a great way to show off a fun shoe! The light and dark wash are an 11 1/2 inch rise and are 98% cotton and 2% elastene. As I wore these all day in my usual size 27/4, I found they gave a bit in the waist and hips but not so much that they weren’t wearable anymore. These come in a regular and curvy fit so you can find your perfect pair.

Skinny Jeans

A classic that seems to never go out of style, skinny jeans are a favorite! They’re slim and fitted from the hip through the ankle. These are usually my go-to for fall and winter. Easily paired with boots without the bulk. LOFT has several great options in varying rises, washes and colors. Most of the skinny jeans have 98% cotton and 2% elastene so your skinny jeans stay, well, skinny. Nothing is worse than a saggy knee in a skinny jean. This doesn’t happen in LOFT jeans which is key!

When it comes to fits and sizes, these have a wide option of sizing from regular, curvy, petite and tall. As a staple silhouette for any wardrobe, LOFT has lots of sizing options to make sure you find your perfect fit. The ones I am wearing are the button front high rise skinny with an 11inch rise and frayed hem. I find these run true to size and come in a few colors for fall.

Straight Leg

The straight leg jean has become so popular these days. They’re a must-have for any wardrobe if you’re venturing out of your usual skinnies and trying out some new fits. These straight leg jeans are a vintage-inspired fit that’s fitted through the hip and thigh but has a slight opening at the knee with a straight leg finish. These have a more relaxed look to them and can sometimes be referred to as a mom jean. These are perfect with sneakers, sandals or heels. I feel like they’re so versatile. I find this particular style I’m wearing has a mid rise fit at 10 1/2 inches which is not what I typically go for. I do prefer a higher rise (11 or 11 1/2) since I have a long torso and shorter legs. It helps to elongate my legs.

The straight leg comes in different washes and colors to choose from in varying rises and lengths (crop, full length) and also comes in curvy, regular and petites.

Wide Leg Crop

This is a trend I embraced early on when they first came on the scene. I don’t even know what it is about them that I love, but they’re fun to wear, flattering and pair perfectly with all my fitted tees. This style has a fitted waist and hip and then a relaxed thigh through the knee for a wide crop. This is the style I find myself preferring a 27 petite because I like a shorter length. I could always just hem them too. But this is why I recommend trying your size in a petite, or go up a size into a petite. A petite will usually have a slightly smaller waist even if it’s your size 27. So going up one size will offset the waist, and then bring up the length a bit.

My one tip to styling a wide leg crop is to keep proportions in mind and balance. I would never not tuck my shirt in and try to steer clear of big flowy tops. This sweater works because of the v-neck and that it’s tucked in. Otherwise, I usually gravitate towards fitted tees and blouses that can be tucked in.

LOFT Denim Shorts

Denim Shorts

Can’t talk about jeans without mentioning jean shorts! I’ve fallen in love with LOFT’s shorts and they’re all I seem to own this summer. For the denim shorts, I personally took the 26 over the 27. These black frayed denim shorts are a classic f with a 3 inch inseam. I typically prefer at least a 3 inch inseam for me. Anything shorter and it’s just too short my personal preference.

There’s a few other styles to also choose from like the boyfriend relaxed fit, to the biker denim short (personally think you have to have some long legs for this!) and of course curvy and petite options in many if not most. And with a price point of under $60 usually, these are great to add into your summer wardrobe without breaking the bank!