Unlocking Creativity, Courage, and Success with Rebecca Minkoff

At 8 years old, Rebecca Minkoff’s mother refused to buy her the dress she wanted, offering instead to teach her to sew. At an early age, Rebecca learned the value of doing things on her own, and once she got started, she couldn’t stop.

Rebecca is an entrepreneur in the fullest sense; a fashion designer, author, podcast host, wife, and mother. In this episode, Rebecca recounts her journey, and shares insight on how she’s able to juggle so many things while operating at such a high level.

Some topics we dig into:

    • Finding balance in the workplace
    • Honest communication practices with partners (professional and personal)
    • Setting boundaries and speaking up for yourself
    • Reinventing yourself
    • The skill of figuring things out

For more from Rebecca, check out her website rebeccaminkoff.com, follow her on social @rebeccaminkoff, buy her book “Fearless. The New Rules For unlocking Creativity, Courage, and Success,” on Amazon or wherever you buy books, and listen to her podcast “Superwomen” available on all streaming platforms.


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