Wanderers In The KDD, Yeah You Know Me

I’m so sorry, that post title is terrible. But I am a monster, and so I persist. ANYWAY this is just a quick drop in to let you know that, should you be so inclined, Wanderers is a Kindle Daily Deal today, which winnows the price down to a cozy $3.99. So you can head over there and check it out. Let’s see, what else is going on?

I’ll have The Book of Accidents-related news soon. Blurbs, signed copies, virtual tour.

I’d still like to do an in-person event somewhere, but there remains hesitation, which is understandable!

Pre-ordering books is good for the bookish soul — it helps the bookstores, and it helps li’l ol’ me. It makes sure to signal demand, to make sure there are books on hand and that bookstores order more if necessary. And it just supports the overall book-based ecosystem. Which is nice! You can pre-order The Book of Accidents (July 20th), as well as Dust & Grim (October 5th). The most wonderful place of all to order those books is your local bookstore — or an independent bookstore elsewhere across the country, many of whom indeed will catapult books right to your door.